Weight Loss Playlist

Weight Loss Playlist

Here are our favorite workouts to help support your weight loss goals!

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Weight Loss Playlist
  • SF Live 2020: Episode 27

    Looking for a quick and dirty workout that will help you crush your core goals? Then smash this 24-minute workout and get a stronger, more shredded core.

    BodyRock Trainer Jenny Lam uses killer compound moves that’ll light a fire in your belly and ignite your fat-burning engines.


  • MaxHiit LIVE | Season 1 - Class 1

    HIIT workout with Bethercize (Beth Vukmanic)

    BR sandbag+riser - HIIT w_finisher 12x 50_10 8 rounds 50:10
    Equipment: Riser + Sandbag
    Riser hop overs
    Sandbag around the world + lunge + twist
    Pushup (feet on riser) + 4 bear plank side kicks 
    Sandbag kneel to squat
    9 rounds :20

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 20

    We are proud to introduce the newest member of the BodyRock family: personal trainer and bikini pro, Denetra Blackshear! (@denetrabfit)

    But just because it's her first episode does not mean she's going easy on you - Load up those dumbbells, grab your speed rope and get ready to SWEAT!

    What to ...

  • Fast And Furiously Fit 3 - Workout 3

    Fast And Furiously Fit 3 - Workout 3

    Hamstring & Clean
    Plank Single Leg Squat - Left
    Hamstring & Clean
    Plank Single Leg Squat - Right
    Burpee Squat & Goblet Squat
    Snatch & Push Up - Left
    Snatch & Push Up - Right
    Bentover Fly - Left
    Bentover Fly - Right
    Lunge & Front Lunge Squ...

  • The Sexy Burn Challenge | Day 3

    It doesn't get any easier. Trust the process and push yourself through the pain!

  • CrossHiit - Workout 2

    CrossHiit - Workout 2

  • FFF12 - Workout 6

  • Hot Body Challenge | Week 2 | Day 2

    Today Christina is working on building a sexy back! Grab your weights and go heavy!

    12 Minutes

    Whole Body


  • MaxHiit LIVE | Season 1 - Class 5

    BR band+weight - Booty 16x 35_10
    Equipment: weights+bands
    Back lunge+kick
    Side lunge+fly+shoulder press
    Side plank bottom knee to elbow
    Split leg bridge

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 28

    Switch up your training with a 24-minute workout that HIITs your whole body for a wicked good burn. BodyRock Trainer Sylvie is your fearless leader toward a stronger, sexy AF physique.


    Gear Used:
    Plate Weights
    Step Riser
    Yoga Mat
    Balance Trainer
    Core Bands

    Get the g...