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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

DailyHiit Live #27 - Upper Body & Abs

Upper Body Workouts – 59m

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    50 Seconds
    10 Second Rest

    Equipment Used:
    Weighted Vest
    Bar and Weights

    Workout Breakdown:
    High Knees
    Walk In Push-Up Jump Out
    Reverse Pull-Ups
    Bend Over Curls
    Fly Out (L/R)
    Fly Rows (L/R)
    Double Flys
    Double Rows
    3 Rows & a Fly

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  • DailyHiit Live #25 - Shoulders And Ba...

    Set Your Interval Timers To 30 Seconds Work & 10 Seconds Rest

    1. Wall Burpees
    2. Goblet Squat & Press
    3. Wall Burpees
    4. Snatch - Left
    5. Snatch - Right
    6. Reverse Pull Ups
    7. Bent Over Row
    8. Reverse Pull Ups
    9. Bent Over Row
    10. Reverse Pull Ups
    11. Plank Row - Left
    12. Pl...

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    Its another day and another work out! Are you ready to work alongside with me?! Here is another episode of BodyRockX Live! Make sure to throw on your vest to intensify each move we do! Today we're building strength and working isometrically! Let's go!