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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Back, Biceps and Cardio - The Daily Hiit Live - Episode 75

Upper Body Workouts – 58m

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  • DailyHIIT Live #2


    Dumbbell Single Arm Up Right Row halfway through 50 seconds switch arms
    Low Lunge Row Fly halfway through 50 seconds switch legs
    Squat Plate Press Kick Out (L) (R)
    3 Skip Dumbbell Row
    Bear Crawl Row (L) (R)
    Plank Row Upper Back Row (go through this twice switch grips after 50 second...

  • Real Strength Challenge | Day 3 - Back

    Let's focus on the back today! A strong back is very important!

    50 Seconds Work / 10 Seconds Rest Per Round
    6 Exercises Done Twice Through
    12 Minutes Total

    1/2 Burpee + Row (L+R)

  • Upper Body & Abs - The Daily Hiit Liv...

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