The Sexy Sweat Off

The Sexy Sweat Off

The Sexy Sweat Off is exactly what it sounds like - get sweaty while getting fit. Get your workout clothes on, grab your water bottle, and get loose because this five day challenge is sure to leave you feeling exhausted and confident. Want to start feeling sexier?! Press play now. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store:

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The Sexy Sweat Off
  • Sexy Sweat Off | Day 1

    Rita gets the ball rolling with a reps workout. The goals is 20 reps of each move. Go as fast as you can for at least 5 rounds. If you're an advanced BodyRocker, go for 10 rounds!

  • Sexy Sweat Off | Day 2

    Today we're working in intervals! 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Rita's bringing you a full body workout with a LOT of cardio!

  • Sexy Sweat Off | Day 3

    Movement is primal. That's why Rita has put together this quirky little animal based workout! Unleash your beast!

  • Sexy Sweat Off | Day 4

    To make real change, you need to challenge your comfort zone! Test your own limits with this killer core routine!

  • Sexy Sweat Off | Day 5

    End things on a strong note with today's full body burner!