The Push-Up Workout Playlist

The Push-Up Workout Playlist

Try as you may, if you want to be considered fit, you have to learn how to do a push-up. Push-ups are one of the most effective, most powerful exercises you can do to improve your total body strength and condition.

So set yourself up for success and crush our favourite Sweatflix workouts that include push-ups!

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The Push-Up Workout Playlist
  • BodyRock Bootcamp - Day 5

    BodyRock Bootcamp - Day 5

    The BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp with Edith! This is a program of entry-level workouts for those who have never worked out a day in their life, are overweight, are recovering from injury, and pregnant, and seniors! Very basic workouts with no equipment required!

  • HIITMax Live #1 - Full Body

    HIITMax - Live #1

    Set Your Timers To 50 Seconds Work & 10 Seconds Rest

    Weighted Vest
    Bar and Weights
    Challenger Bar

    Perform the following exercises: 
    You start with - Jumpi...

  • DailyHIIT Live #17 - Full Body

    1. Scissor Legs
    2. Plank Scissors
    3. Scissor Legs
    4. Plank Scissors
    5. Squat & Press Scissor
    6. In & Out Push Ups
    7. Squat & Press Scissor
    8. In & Out Push Ups
    9. Wide Squat & Leg Lift & Press - Left
    10. Wall Back Push Ups
    11. Wide Squat & Leg Lift & Press - Right
    12. Wall Back...

  • TUES: Upper Body Lift - SFL2019

    If you can survive the holidays, you can survive this workout. It's only 24 minutes—so lay it all on the line and load up. You can always drop weight if you start to lose form.

    What to expect:

    This class focussed on classic lifting, so you're going to be working at a slower pace. This tactic f...

  • THURS: Full Body HIIT - SFL2019

    Join BodyRock Ambassador Trainer Beth for an insane NEW training format that'll guarantee a wicked good burn! In just 24 minutes, you'll redefine what a home workout can do, and what YOU can do.

    This HIIT workout hits every major muscle in your body in ways you've never experienced for an exciti...

  • FRI: Upper Body HIIT - SFL2019

    Go into the New Year with strong, sexy, sculpted arms! BodyRock Trainer Sylvie is going to help you get there. Join her for this 24 minute, circuit workout that targets your upper body and core using reverse pyramid intervals.

    Modifications are provided, so don't count yourself out before you e...

  • BR20 1 - Chest & Triceps

    BR20 1 - Chest & Triceps

    Chest Press
    Skull Crushers
    Chest Flys
    Push Up Row
    Standing Overhead Triceps
    Push Ups

  • HiitCore #3 | Hot & Fit

    Are you ready to set your core on fire? It's going to burn but the results are ALWAYS worth it! 50/10 again today. For best results, do the entire circuit 2 or three times.

    - 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
    - Total of 6 minutes

    - Stability Ball
    - Challeng...

  • Results | Week 1 | Day 4

    6 exercises, twice through.You're going to feel this one in your booty and your core! It hurts so good! Can you increase your reps on each round? Of course you can!

    Get your BodyMinder Journal on Amazon:

    - Booty and Core

    - BodyRock Weighted ...

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 2

    No equipment? No problem. This 20 minute bootcamp style class is made for people who are new to fitness and may not have tons of gear (or endurance) yet. Don’t get us wrong: BodyRock Trainer Irina is going to push you, but it’ll be nothing you can’t handle. Believe in yourself!

    Start now!

    Gear ...