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Hot Body Challenge | Week 3 | Day 5

The Pull Up Playlist • 30m

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  • SF Live 2020: Episode 9

    You've NEVER done an upper body workout like this! BodyRock Trainer Beth brings on the burn with a HIIT/LIFT upper body combo that uses high energy HIIT then pulsing LIFT moves to help you build strong, sexy, sculpted arms.


    Gear Used:
    Pink Thing
    Challenger Bars
    Weighted Vest
    Yoga Ma...

  • Results | Week 3 | Day 3

    You're going feel amazing today. We're doing Week 1 and Week 2's back and shoulder workouts! It's going to push you but we know you can handle it. Challenge yourself, up your weights or beat your scores! You can do it!

    - 24 Minutes
    - 50/10

    - Back and Shoulder...

  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 12

    Gear: challenger
    15x 40:40:10 | 3x each in a row
    Challenger 1 arm pull-up reach
    Challenger elevated 1 leg pushup + cross knee
    Squat jack + round kick over challenger
    Bear plank + opposite arm / leg extension
    Challenger side plank lower leg lift