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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Results | Week 3 | Day 3

The Pull Up Playlist • 27m

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  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 12

    Gear: challenger
    15x 40:40:10 | 3x each in a row
    Challenger 1 arm pull-up reach
    Challenger elevated 1 leg pushup + cross knee
    Squat jack + round kick over challenger
    Bear plank + opposite arm / leg extension
    Challenger side plank lower leg lift

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 43

    Time to start sculpting your sexiest back ever with this fat-burning, leaning muscle building back workout. Join BodyRock Trainer Denetra for a 24-minute sweat ‘sesh that combines lifting with cardio to deliver sculpted, strong results.


    Gear Used:

    Challenge Bar

  • MaxHIIT LIVE | S2:C11 - Challenger Py...

    5x 20:40:80:40:20 each
    Dip + leg lift
    Lunge kick over left
    Lunge kick over right
    Reverse pull-up
    Plank feet on bar alternating toe tap