Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

SF Live 2020: Episode 14

Sweatflix Live 2020 • 27m

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  • SF Live 2020: Episode 15

    Beth has prepared the ultimate body-shredding unilateral workout. Unilateral training is a vital part of seeing the strong, sculpted, sexy results you want from your workout.

    By training one side of your body at a time, you can correct muscle imbalances to create a more aesthetically beautiful ...

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 16

    Beth and Sean are going to give you a solid core workout today with some ingenious moves and tons of modifications, so no excuses! This pyramid workout is only 24 minutes. PRESS PLAY!

    Gear Used:

    Core Bands
    Challenger Bars
    Plate Weight
    Step Riser
    Weighted Vest

    Get the gear here: htt...

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 17

    Break out of your leg day rut! You’ve never trained your legs like this before. Join BodyRock Trainer Jenny Lam for a crazy good leg focussed HIIT workout that’ll take your training to the next level.


    Gear Used:
    Core Band
    Step Riser
    Sculpt Bar
    Squat Pad

    Get the gear here:...