SweatFlix Boost

SweatFlix Boost

In this Series, we are going to BOOST you off that couch and into the best shape of your life! You need inspiration? You need motivation? We got it all right here. Every single video will show you a new set that will solve a different problem. From Belly Fat, to simply Burning Fat Fast, we got you covered. Start today and Boost your fitness!

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SweatFlix Boost
  • Boost | Pilot Episode | Burn Fat Fast Workout

    If you are still going to the gym, doing 15 minutes of cardio to warm up and then doing 20 minutes (or more) of weight training, and NOT seeing results, this is why. You need to understand what high intensity interval training is, and why it's 9 times more effective than doing cardio and weight ...

  • Boost | You Don't Know Squat Week #1 of 5

    Get you butt off the couch and into a SQUAT!! We want to show you proper form so you can burn more calories and build more muscle. We've got some swings for you, followed by Box Squats, Row & Flys, and Front Squats.

  • Boost | You Don't Know Squat Week #2 of 5

    Squats with Bar and Weights are like upgrading your squats!! Boost your butt workout with this added resistance. In just one week you will get a higher, firmer booty. Don't compromise! You set aside the time to do the work, so get the most out of it!

  • Boost | You Don't Know Squat Week #3 of 5

    Squats are essential for getting a shapely backside and toned legs. If you can add a bit of weight, with a BodyRock Weighted Vest, that's going to BOOST your progress tenfold. If you also add some handheld Weights to your Squats, you will see massive difference in your Core Strength. Let me show ...

  • Boost | You Don't Know Squat Week #4 of 5

    Welcome to day 4! Today Sean's going to help you boost your lower half by getting your legs into the action with the first two moves, and because you want to have a balanced body, he's also giving you some bicep and triceps moves!

  • Boost | You Don't Know Squat Week #5 of 5

    You've made it to the end of You Don't Know Squat Week! Today we're going to do a 12 minute workout that combines some of the moves we've already done with some brand new ones! Are you ready to smash this out?