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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Live #135 - Strength & Cardio Abs

Strength & Cardio Workouts – 57m

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  • HIITMax Live #134 - Legs, Thigh & Car...

    HIITMax Live #134 - Legs, Thigh & Cardio Strength

    Intervals: Skipping / strength - straight squats

    Weight at chest, wide stance, turn toes out - Squat, turn toes forward - squat
    Weight on L shoulder, step out into L side squat
    Repeat R
    Straight hip distance...

  • HIITMax Live #133 - Full Body Strengt...

    HIITMax Live #133 - Full Body Strength & Cardio & Chest Bonus

    Clean and Press or skipping in between

    kB swings
    kB clean and press
    High kB swings
    DB push up with alt single arm row
    DB squat down press up, feet together
    DB burpee push-up, jump up and press up
    DB burpee push-up cl...

  • HIITMax Live #126 - Full Body Cardio ...

    HIITMax Live #126 - Full Body Skipping & Strength


    Skipping between each round where there is line break

    Elevated legs, push-up hold at bottom, up, knee in hold, ext back repeat, alt legs

    Elev leg push-up with alt shoulder taps

    Elev leg push-up with alt knee touches