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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Start Strong: Episode 4

Start Strong • 27m

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  • Start Strong: Episode 5

    Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of WEEK 1 of the Start Strong program… well, almost! All that stands in your way is this quick 24 minute full body tabata with Beth. After that, you have the entire weekend to rest up and come back strong for week 2!

    Gear: Pink Thing
    8x 20:10 each

  • Start Strong: Episode 6

    Welcome to WEEK 2! Beth is back with your first workout of the week: A scorching full body blast using only your Core Bands. Grab some water, clear some space and get ready to HIIT IT!

    Core Band Work
    Gear: Core band
    12x 80:*30:10
    *Crab knee to elbow + twist (Kyle)
    Plank kick back @ankles + sid...

  • Start Strong: Episode 7

    Are you ready? Denetra is back today with a high intensity Full Body HIIT! All you’re going to need is your sculpt bar, so load that sucker up and let’s get to it!

    Workout 30secs work/10secs rest
    2 rounds of each set

    Set 1: Bar Chest Press, Knee Push Ups

    Set 2: Bar Squats, Bar Bridges

    Set 3...