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Start Strong: Episode 1

Start Strong • 24m

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  • Start Strong: Episode 2

    BodyRock trainer Sylvie is keeping the momentum going on Day 2 with a fiery 4-circuit full body HIIT. We’re going through each circuit twice, and the timing for each move is 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.

    Gear: Step Riser, Pink Thing

    Circuit 1:
    Step up Kick Back
    Side to side squat
    Crunch knee t...

  • Start Strong: Episode 3

    Get ready for day 3 with BodyRock trainer Denetra! All you’re going to need today is your Pink Thing resistance band, so gear up, get set, and PRESS PLAY!

    45 secs work/10 secs rest
    3 Rounds

    Military Press
    Band Rows
    Jab,Jab,+ Squat
    Band Curls
    Band Deadlift
    Jump Squats
    Russian Twist

  • Start Strong: Episode 4

    Welcome to Week 1, Day 4! You’re so close to finishing the first week of the Start Strong series, we hope you’ve been feeling the burn as you’ve been building healthy new workout habits. Today, BodyRock trainer Michelle is here to lead you through another killer full body HIIT.

    Step Riser...