Start Strong

Start Strong

A guided program to take beginners into an intermediate level, all from your own living room. Join BodyRock trainers Beth, Michelle, Denetra and Sylvie in this killer one month series!

Recommended Gear: 6lb weighted vest, sculpt bar, pink thing, core bands, booty bands, step riser

Start Strong
  • Start Strong: Introduction

    Welcome to the Start Strong program, a month-long workout series designed to get you started on your home fitness journey! Follow along with BodyRock trainers Beth, Michelle, Denetra and Sylvie and learn how you can get in the best shape of your life, all in your own living room!

    Recommended Gea...

  • Start Strong: Episode 1

    Welcome to day 1! Start your fitness journey off on the right foot with BodyRock trainer Beth. There’s no gear required for this workout - so clear some space, get your hot self warmed up and PRESS PLAY!

    Gear: Your hot self
    25 rounds of 45 seconds on, 10 seconds off
    Pushup + side plank star

  • Start Strong: Episode 2

    BodyRock trainer Sylvie is keeping the momentum going on Day 2 with a fiery 4-circuit full body HIIT. We’re going through each circuit twice, and the timing for each move is 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.

    Gear: Step Riser, Pink Thing

    Circuit 1:
    Step up Kick Back
    Side to side squat
    Crunch knee t...

  • Start Strong: Episode 3

    Get ready for day 3 with BodyRock trainer Denetra! All you’re going to need today is your Pink Thing resistance band, so gear up, get set, and PRESS PLAY!

    45 secs work/10 secs rest
    3 Rounds

    Military Press
    Band Rows
    Jab,Jab,+ Squat
    Band Curls
    Band Deadlift
    Jump Squats
    Russian Twist

  • Start Strong: Episode 4

    Welcome to Week 1, Day 4! You’re so close to finishing the first week of the Start Strong series, we hope you’ve been feeling the burn as you’ve been building healthy new workout habits. Today, BodyRock trainer Michelle is here to lead you through another killer full body HIIT.

    Step Riser...

  • Start Strong: Episode 5

    Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of WEEK 1 of the Start Strong program… well, almost! All that stands in your way is this quick 24 minute full body tabata with Beth. After that, you have the entire weekend to rest up and come back strong for week 2!

    Gear: Pink Thing
    8x 20:10 each

  • Start Strong: Episode 6

    Welcome to WEEK 2! Beth is back with your first workout of the week: A scorching full body blast using only your Core Bands. Grab some water, clear some space and get ready to HIIT IT!

    Core Band Work
    Gear: Core band
    12x 80:*30:10
    *Crab knee to elbow + twist (Kyle)
    Plank kick back @ankles + sid...

  • Start Strong: Episode 7

    Are you ready? Denetra is back today with a high intensity Full Body HIIT! All you’re going to need is your sculpt bar, so load that sucker up and let’s get to it!

    Workout 30secs work/10secs rest
    2 rounds of each set

    Set 1: Bar Chest Press, Knee Push Ups

    Set 2: Bar Squats, Bar Bridges

    Set 3...

  • Start Strong: Episode 8

    Happy Humpday!!! We hope you're enjoying the Start Strong program. How are the workouts feeling for you? Have you noticed changes in your level of energy, in your strength? What's your favourite episode so far? Let us know in the comments below!

    But first: it's time for another 24 minute workou...

  • Start Strong: Episode 9

    Welcome to Thursday’s class! We’re on workout number 9 already, can you believe that? Michelle is our trainer for today, so get ready for some high-intensity moves and a killer burn!

    Equipment: pink thing, step riser, mat/ soft surface

    10 moves per round x 2 rounds, 1 min per movement
    30 sec- ...

  • Start Strong: Episode 10

    LAST EPISODE OF WEEK 2! You’re doing an amazing job making it this far. Just think: once you complete this workout, you’ll be halfway done the entire program! You’re well on your way to reaching an intermediate level, and before long you’ll unlock thousands more workouts here on Sweatflix.


  • Start Strong: Episode 11

    Welcome to Week 3, BodyRockers! We hope you enjoyed your rest days, because Denetra is here to start the week off right with a scorching full body HIIT. All you need is your weighted vest (or bodyweight), so load up and PRESS PLAY!

    Equipment: Pink 6lb Vest

    Buy In: 45 secs work/10 secs Rest 2 Ro...

  • Start Strong: Episode 12

    Michelle is back again today for Week 3’s Tuesday full body HIIT workout! This fiery session is split into two blocks, containing 4 different exercises each: Repeat each block 3 times through, and you should definitely feel the burn!

    2 blocks of 4 exercises, repeated 3x each.
    45 sec on, 15 to sw...

  • Start Strong: Episode 13

    Today is Wednesday of week 3, and Sylvie is here to push your limits with a 4-part full body circuit! Let’s get to it, and don’t forget to let Sylvie know how you did in the comments below.

    Equipment: Bar, Step Riser, Vest, Core Band, Pink Thing

    45 seconds on, 15 seconds off
    2 Rounds of each ci...

  • Start Strong: Episode 14

    Another day, another FULL BODY HIIT! Sylvie’s here again for back-to-back action with another 4-part workout.

    Equipment: Core band, Sculpt bar, Vest, Pink Thing

    45 seconds on, 15 seconds off
    2 Rounds of each circuit

    Circuit 1: Side sumo squat step, Front narrow squat to curl, B-stance bridges...

  • Start Strong: Episode 15

    Congratulations on finishing another week of Start Strong! You’re now 3 full weeks into the program, we hope you’re starting to notice some of the physical and mental results.

    This may be a beginner program, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy: take a moment to pat yourself on the back and feel prou...

  • Start Strong: Episode 16

    Welcome to week 4!!! It’s your last five days of Start Strong workouts, so give it all you’ve got during this final home stretch.

    Michelle is taking us through another full body HIIT today. Get your gear ready and let’s HIIT IT!

    Equipment: pink thing, weighted vest, resistance band

    45 sec each...

  • Start Strong: Episode 17

    Beth is back with Week 4, Class 2. Today's workout is broken into pairs of moves - You're really going to feel the burn as you cycle through these repeated moves!
    Ready? Let's Hop to It!!!

    Gear: Step Riser
    6x 4 min :10 | 10 Reps per pair
    1 arm on pushup + cross toe touch + pushup in middle + ...

  • Start Strong: Episode 18

    Halfway through your last week - you’re so close! Sylvie is back today to kick your butt one last time in the Start Strong series. Remember, if you like working out with Sylvie, make sure to check out her awesome episodes on Sweatflix Live (After you’ve finished this program of course!)

    45 secs ...

  • Start Strong: Episode 19

    Week 4, Thursday! After this workout, there’s only ONE MORE WORKOUT LEFT in the Start Strong program! But for your penultimate workout, Denetra is here with one last killer HIIT workout. Make sure to watch out for that bonus Arm Burnout at the end!

    Equipment: Stepper, Bar, Booty Bands

    Workout B...

  • Start Strong: Episode 20

    You did it! You made it all the way to the final episode of START STRONG, with Beth, Michelle, Denetra and Sylvie. It doesn’t matter if you took a bit longer to complete it, or if you had to modify moves, or take a few rest breaks… you made it here, and that makes you a WINNER! Amaz...