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Results | Week 3 | Day 1

Results - 14 Day Challenge • 30m

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  • Results | Week 3 | Day 2

    Remember, a solid workout is based on quality and not necessarily quantity. Don't sacrifice form just for the sake of beating your previous scores. This week's combination workouts are hard but with a little bit of focus, you can nail your form AND beat your scores! Let's go!


  • Results | Week 3 | Day 3

    You're going feel amazing today. We're doing Week 1 and Week 2's back and shoulder workouts! It's going to push you but we know you can handle it. Challenge yourself, up your weights or beat your scores! You can do it!

    - 24 Minutes
    - 50/10

    - Back and Shoulder...

  • Results | Week 3 | Day 4

    You know what you did in Week 1 and Week 2, and now it's time to smash that! You're almost to the end of the challenge and it's time to really push. Check your journals and beat those numbers. It's you vs you, dig deep and get it done!

    Get your BodyMinder Journal on Amazon: http://sweatflix.t...