Resistance Band Playlist

Resistance Band Playlist

There's a reason resistance bands are some of the most popular exercise equipment--and there's a reason we've compiled a collection of the best resistance band workouts you can do at home (or anywhere)! Resistance Bands are compact, versatile, affordable... and they train every part of your body!

So what are you waiting for? PRESS PLAY!

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Resistance Band Playlist
  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 40

    Gear: Core band. Stability ball. Sand bag.
    15x 70:10
    Crab bridges + knee to elbow (fitness)
    Sit down squat + stand banded squat jack
    Stability ball plank low/high + pike + toe touch
    Side lunge weight to ground + calf raised sumo squat Stability ball at knees + crunch hold punch (maya)

  • Boosting Fat Burning Potential - The Daily Hiit Live - Episode 47

    Today's workout will help you build strength in your core! It's crucial to build this muscle group for improved performance, strength and posture!

  • HIITMAX Live #197 - Resistance Band Ass & Thigh Workout

    HIITMAX Live #197 - Resistance Band Ass & Thigh Workout

  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 25

    Gear: pink thing
    70:10, 60:10, 50:10
    Squat + shoulder raise
    Bike abs
    C sit hold + sprinkler Russian twist
    Bent row

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 4

    Irina is kicking things up a notch in this addictive beginner bootcamp workout. Today, you’re going to be using the power of unilateral movements and The Pink Thing resistance band (or any resistance band if you don’t have the Pink Thing) to strengthen and sculpt your body from head-to-toe.


  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 23

    Gear: Challenger. Balance trainer. Pink thing. Wall
    50 pushups
    15x 50:10
    Wall handstand + shoulder tap
    Challenger reverse pushups
    Challenger dips
    Pink thing seated row
    Balance trainer (round down) push-up + 1 leg pike

  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 9

    Hotel Core Band Work

    Gear: core bands
    10x 80:*30:10
    *low squat + row in / out
    Plank jack
    3 pulse squat + jump
    Push-up + row
    Lunge + fly
    Reverse plank + knee

  • SF Live 2020: Episode 16

    Beth and Sean are going to give you a solid core workout today with some ingenious moves and tons of modifications, so no excuses! This pyramid workout is only 24 minutes. PRESS PLAY!

    Gear Used:

    Core Bands
    Challenger Bars
    Plate Weight
    Step Riser
    Weighted Vest

    Get the gear here: htt...

  • MaxHIIT LIVE | Season 3 - Class 30

    Gear: core band
    24x 40:10
    Shoulder raise (at wrists in front)
    Out in front pulse abduction
    Elbows bent pulse up
    Elbows bent pulse abduction
    Raise (at wrists in back, bent at waist)
    Tricep extension
    Lunge + curl
    Squat + back kick
    Squat + side kick
    Bike abs
    Plank + knee

  • Stay Safe: Episode 4

    In the spirit of banding together in health and fitness, BodyRock Trainer Beth has designed this home workout using only the Core Band. That's all you need--plus 24-minutes to do the routine. While upper body-centric, this unilateral workout hits your core and lower body too.


    Gear ...