Intermediate Bootcamp

Intermediate Bootcamp

All 4 Weeks of the Intermediate Bootcamp with Lisa and Edith! All of the videos in one place, and you can choose to stream or download them and keep them forever! Use the FREE IOS and Android apps to stream to your TV via Chromecast, Roku, or AppleTV! The best way to get the most out of your Bootcamp! NOTE: If you want the Burnouts, Meal Plan, and Stretches then please purchase the Intermediate TOTAL PACKAGE!

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Intermediate Bootcamp

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  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 1

    You've mastered the Beginner Bootcamp and now you're ready for Intermediate! Good on you! Let's get going with a day of solid cardio! If these moves are new to you, don't panic! Lisa will walk you through every step of the way!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 2

    Are you ready for another day of cardio? Today, it's Edith driving you through to the last beep! Push as hard as you can!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 3

    If you're feeling sore today, we get it. This workout is designed to keep your body loose and moving so you can smash the rest of the week!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 4

    Cardio again today! 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. It's tough but you can make it to the end!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 5

    Today we're going to focus on balance, core strength, and stability! By solidifying these basics, you'll be able to take on anything we might throw at you!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 8

    Welcome to week 2! This week, we're going to focus on balance and agility! These elements are essential to any and all fitness routines! Join Edith for today's core workout.

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 9

    It's agility time! Do your best, go hard! Follow Lisa and push to the very last beep!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 10

    Good balance comes from a strong base and core. Today's workout targets those core muscles as well as the legs and glutes!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 11

    Today we're working those legs! Take this opportunity to really challenge yourself and add a little weight! Let's do it!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 12

    You've made it to the end of the week! Today we work on building stability through strengthening those legs!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 15

    It's strength week! Don't be afraid to add weight to your routine! It won't make you bulky but it will make you leaner and help your burn fat! Are you ready?

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 16

    Today Edith guides you through this full body strength building routine. This workout proves that sometimes body weight is the only weight you need!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 17

    In this bootcamp, each workout builds upon the last. Today, we're challenging you to push your own limits. So, grab some weight and let Lisa walk you through this workout that targets legs and triceps!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 18

    Build strength in your upper body with this 12 minute routine! Grab your weight and prepare to feel the burn!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 19

    This strength workout has a little bit of everything! Chest, back, legs, abs and obliques! It's the end of strength week so push hard and finish strong!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 22

    You've made it to the last week and it's time to use everything you've been building on so far! A little cardio, a little balance, a little strength. It won't be easy but we know you can survive HELL WEEK!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 23

    Day 2 of HELL WEEK and Lisa's got a killer leg workout for you! Don't let it beat you! Surviving this means you can survive anything!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 24

    In today's workout, Edith puts your cardio and strength to the test! From sumo burpees to supermans, you're sure to feel this one!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 25

    You're almost through HELL WEEK! Once again, today builds on everything you've learned so far to provide a solid, full body workout!

  • Intermediate Bootcamp | Day 26

    You've reached the end! Congratulations! But don't get too excited, you aren't done yet! Today, you've Edith AND Lisa to guide you through! It's the last day, don't hold anything back!

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