Breakup Challenge

Breakup Challenge

If you think you are alone in feeling lost, out of shape and generally in a slump, think again. There are so many people in exactly your situation, we decided to make a whole 5 Day Challenge about it, designed to PUMP YOU UP again, to your former, fantastic, sexy self!!

Breakup Challenge

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  • Break Up Challenge | Day 5

    You've made it to the end of the Break Up Challenge! Hopefully you're feeling better and are ready to take on whatever comes your way! Today's workout will be short but intense! We're going to use ALL the muscles in your body! Let's get to it!

  • Break Up Challenge | Day 4

    Fitness is a great way to keep yourself grounded when you are going through emotional difficulties. Get the feel good endorphins firing with today's full body workout!

  • Break Up Challenge | Day 3

    Remember, this series is just for you! Use this time to do something positive for yourself! We're doing another full body blast today! 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of active rest. You can do it!

  • Break Up Challenge | Day 2

    Take all that negative energy and use it to push yourself through today's killer full body blast! You'll be amazed at how wonderful you will feel when you're done!

  • Break Up Challenge | Day 1

    Going through a break up can be devastating. We're bringing you this challenge in the hopes that it will help feel inspired and positive about yourself again! We're going to get things started with some large muscle groups. You ready to work those legs and booty?