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    Get all of our main workout videos in one place, organized, and categorized. Stream them at any time, and sling them to your TV using the free app! A great way to access all that BodyRock has to offer! Over 1000 HIIT workouts and we're adding more every single day! You'll also get access to the B...

  • HIITMax TOTAL PACKAGE - 14 Weeks

    77 videos  |  Buy $35.99

    All 14 weeks of HiitMax placed into one package!

  • BodyRock Yoga Complete Program

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  • BodyRock Yoga | Beginner

    9 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Join us for a Beginner's Guide to Yoga.

  • BodyRock Yoga | Intermediate

    9 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Take your Yoga to the next level with the Intermediate Program!

  • BodyRock Yoga | Advanced

    9 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Master your Yoga practice with the BodyRock Yoga Advanced Series.

  • Beginner Bootcamp TOTAL PACKAGE

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    Get the entire set of workout videos from the BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp with Edith! This is a full 4 week program of entry-level workouts for those who have never worked out a day in their life, are overweight, are recovering from injury, and pregnant, and seniors! Very basic workouts with no eq...

  • Intermediate Bootcamp TOTAL PACKAGE

    30 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    Get the entire set of workout videos from the BodyRock Intermediate Bootcamp with Lisa and Edith! This is a full 4 week program of mid-level workouts for torching and toning your beach body!

    The Total Package also has:
    >> Fit Test to help benchmark your progress
    >> 7 All New Burnout Videos t...

  • Advanced Bootcamp TOTAL PACKAGE

    33 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    This is our most high-intensity, versatile workout program yet. Over 21 days you will receive the best fat-torching, body-sculpting High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts we've ever created. HIIT is an innovative approach to fitness, using the science of anaerobic activity to accelerate...

  • RealTime - 30 Day Challenge

    22 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    Are you ready for a 30 Day Challenge that is sure to rock you?! Look no further than than the RealTime Challenge. This challenge is 100% hand made by Lisa. No filming crew, no fancy camera moves - it's no frills and will absolutely annihilate body fat, while sculpting long, lean muscles and boost...

  • BodyRock Bootcamp - 21 Day Challenge

    21 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    Are you guys ready to be putting out maximum effort? The BodyRock Bootcamp | 21 Day Challenge is a hard 'HIITing' series that is sure to make you curse at your screen! What are you waiting for? Press 'Play'

  • Tone and Torch TOTAL PACKAGE

    25 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Join Instagram sensation sugarysixpack in this brand new twenty-one day bootcamp exclusive to Sweatflixâ„ !

  • Extreme Sweat - Chris Tye Walker

    19 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    If you've been following Chris Tye Walker Live, you will know that he is one of our most versatile trainers. Advanced BodyRockers will get a torch fest from these 12 minute sessions, and if you are at the Beginner or Intermediate level, Chris walks you through how to moderate using just your body...

  • BodyRock Bootcamp - Chris Tye Walker

    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Are you ready for the craziest week long workout? Well, instructor Chris Tye Walker is a seasoned veteran of bootcamps and will have you sweating and hoping for those ten second rests. Ready to kick it into gear? Press play. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store: http://shop.bodyr...

  • BodyRock Spotlight - Deanna

    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    This is a wonderful series for anyone getting into shape for the first time, or getting back into high intensity interval training (HIIT) after an absence. Deanna, who was an avid BodyRocker we wished to spotlight with her own series, is an excellent trainer to get you motivated. HIIT is 9 times ...

  • Level Up
    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Level Up

    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Getting your fitness journey started is half the battle! We know that when you are a beginner and looking to get up to the intermediate level, it can feel like an impossible jump. Trust us, we understand. Level Up is here to help you make that leap feel a little smaller! Using the principles of H...

  • Tone in Rome
    15 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Tone in Rome

    15 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Are you ready for a 21 day challenge that will push your strength gains to the next level? Join Lisa and Sean for Tone in Rome! Enjoy spectacular views while building strength and definition in your upper body, core, legs and back! Take a vacation from the ordinary and reach new heights with us! ...

  • Hot Body Challenge
    20 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Hot Body Challenge

    20 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    This 21 Day HIIT Challenge is designed to tone and sculpt your sexiest regions. Your abs, booty and thighs will lean out and achieve a shapeliness you have never seen before! Level: Intermediate-Advanced.

  • Accelerate
    25 videos  |  Buy $19.99


    25 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Join Marina Santos for this 21 day challenge! With a focus on building muscle tone and cardio endurance, this series is perfect for those at the intermediate level! Including daily burnouts and suggested modifications, Accelerate is the logical next step on your fitness journey!

  • Rep Challenge PLUS Meal Plan

    15 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    Join Lisa and Sean as they challenge you to complete 1,250 Reps over 15 days! Instead of working out in timed intervals, you are going to do a set amount of reps on each move, and change it up each day. You're going to come out of this one stronger and more accomplished than you ever thought poss...

  • 1000 Rep Challenge
    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    1000 Rep Challenge

    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Don't let the numbers intimidate you, we're going to do this together! Each day we will build on what we did the day before. It will challenge and test your limits but it will also show you exactly what you are capable of if you put your mind to it. Remember, real change happens at the end of you...

  • The DailyHIIT Show - Season 3 TOTAL PACKAGE

    22 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    All 15 Episodes of Season 3 of The DailyHIIT Show, PLUS 7 Targeted Burnouts, Fit Test Video, AND BodyRock Meal Plan. All available to download and keep forever!

    Featuring BodyRock Trainers Lisa-Marie & Jacqui, this season is all about minimal equipment and lifting heavy. A great way to burn f...

  • The DailyHIIT Show Season 4 - 21 Day Challenge

    15 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    The 4th Season of The Daily HIIT is here! Sean Light will tone and torture you with brand new moves never used before in BodyRock Challenges. Over 21 days, Sean will bring you from bodyweight exercises to using the full compliment of BodyRock gear. This series is hard HIITing, and CORE torching. ...

  • Sexy Abs & Butt
    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Sexy Abs & Butt

    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Shape that butt and cut those abs with Edith's five day challenge. This workout comes packed full of intense HIIT movements and if you are ready for more each day has a burnout included. Get up, get limber, because this is going to be intense!

  • Strong & Sexy Abs: 5 Day Challenge

    5 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    You will feel lean and tight in just 5 Days with Lisa-Marie's Strong & Sexy Abs: Five Day Challenge! Be prepared for that amazing toned feeling in your ab muscles every single day of the challenge. High Intensity Interval Training lets you burn fat up to 48 hours after a workout, so just imagine ...

  • Results
    15 videos  |  Buy $19.99


    15 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    21 days of intense, full-body workouts with Lisa & Sean, all tracked with the BodyMinder Workout and Exercise Journal to make sure you get RESULTS!

  • Breakup Challenge
    5 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Breakup Challenge

    5 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    If you think you are alone in feeling lost, out of shape and generally in a slump, think again. There are so many people in exactly your situation, we decided to make a whole 5 Day Challenge about it, designed to PUMP YOU UP again, to your former, fantastic, sexy self!!

  • Killer Fat Burn Challenge

    7 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Are you ready to obliterate your fat? Let's kick your metabolism into high gear with the Killer Fat Burn Challenge. Say goodbye to fat and hello to confidence. Join Lisa today as she leads this 7 video workout challenge.

  • BodyRock Lean
    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    BodyRock Lean

    10 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Welcome to BodyRock Lean. The next two weeks are all about building strength through the use of weights and your own body weight. The aim of this program is to isolate specific muscle groups and get a solid burn in just 12 minutes, from home. Get your water bottles ready because this workout is s...

  • 30 Day Summer Body Transformer

    20 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    Find your beach ready body any time of year with the Summer Body Transformer Challenge. 3 trainers, 30 days, and lots of sweat! Build strength and blast fat with exciting, fun, real time challenge!

  • BodyRock Food
    80 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    BodyRock Food

    80 videos  |  Buy $19.99

    30 Recipe videos to help you eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle! Covers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and smoothies!

  • 20 Minute Meals
    10 videos  |  Buy $5.99

    20 Minute Meals

    10 videos  |  Buy $5.99

    Healthy Eating does not have to be complicated! We've put together 10 healthy and tasty meals that can be put together in only 20 minutes each. You'll also get full recipe breakdown, ingredient list, and shopping list!