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Sweatflix Live

11 Episodes

Daily live workouts, 6 days a week. Welcome to the BodyRock living room.

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Sweatflix Live
  • SFLIVE2019: Week 1 Schedule

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    SFLIVE2019: Week 1 Schedule

  • MON: Upper Body/ Core HIIT - SFL2019

    Episode 1

    Jenny Lam brings on the burn in this holiday season! Smash this hardcore 24 minute HIIT workout for upper body and core. This fat-burning sweat ‘sesh is PERFECT for all fitness levels. Simply adjust your resistance and use the suggested modifications to suit your current fitness level, but be sur...

  • TUES: Upper Body Lift - SFL2019

    Episode 2

    If you can survive the holidays, you can survive this workout. It's only 24 minutes—so lay it all on the line and load up. You can always drop weight if you start to lose form.

    What to expect:

    This class focussed on classic lifting, so you're going to be working at a slower pace. This tactic f...

  • WED: Ass + Abs, HIIT & LIFT - SFL2019

    Episode 3

    Today's workout is coming at you in two parts: a 12 minute ass/abs HIIT 'sesh to sculpt your core, and then a 24 minute full body, fat-torching lifting workout.

    What to expect:
    Ease into the workout with some glute work, which also serves to get your whole body warmed up for the work ahead. Then...

  • THURS: Full Body HIIT - SFL2019

    Episode 4

    Join BodyRock Ambassador Trainer Beth for an insane NEW training format that'll guarantee a wicked good burn! In just 24 minutes, you'll redefine what a home workout can do, and what YOU can do.

    This HIIT workout hits every major muscle in your body in ways you've never experienced for an exciti...

  • FRI: Upper Body HIIT - SFL2019

    Episode 5

    Go into the New Year with strong, sexy, sculpted arms! BodyRock Trainer Sylvie is going to help you get there. Join her for this 24 minute, circuit workout that targets your upper body and core using reverse pyramid intervals.

    Modifications are provided, so don't count yourself out before you e...

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 1

    Episode 6

    All you need to smash this workout is 20 minutes, a little motivation and your own bodyweight. BodyRock Trainer Irina is going to take you through this beginner HIIT workout that'll help you progress into fitness safely and with measurable results.

    But you've gotta start, and then you've gotta ...

  • SFLIVE2019: Week 2 Schedule

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    SFLIVE2019: Week 2 Schedule

  • MON: Full Body HIIT - SFL2019 W2

    Episode 7

    Sylvie's bringing you a hot and heavy workout to get your fat burning engines revved up! This 24 minute full body HIIT workout features moves you've probably never done before, so even the advanced fit freaks are probably going to find this challenging--but don't worry, Syvlie gives modifications...

  • TUES: Lower Body LIFT/HIIT - SFL2019

    Episode 8

    Keep the good gains coming with this 24 minute two part workout. BodyRock Trainer Sylvie is going to activate muscles you didn’t even know you had, honing in on your glutes for an intense lower body HIIT workout. Then, she’s going to switch it up for a total body strength session.

    Press play!

  • WED: Full Body HIIT - SFL2019

    Episode 9

    Get ready to shake things up with BodyRock Ambassador Trainer Beth! This 24 minute full body HIIT workout is perfect for all fitness levels, offering a fresh and fun take on some classic fat-burning, muscle building moves.

    Press play!

    Gear Used:
    Stability Ball
    Core Band
    Plate Weight...

  • THURS: Upper Body Lift/ Full Body HIIT - SFL2019

    Episode 10

    Want 'chocolate abs' this Christmas? Sylvie's going to show you how to get chiseled, defined abs and sculpted arms! This sweat 'sesh combines HIIT and rep-based training for a wicked good workout.

    Great for all fitness levels! Sylvie provides easy modifications so you can adjust the exercises to...

  • FRI: Full Body HIIT - SLF2019

    Episode 11

    This full body HIIT workout is perfect pre-holiday prep. Lift heavy and push hard to burn up to 400 (or more!) calories in just 24 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the shape you want to be yet--Beth offers up easy modifications so you can work to your current fitness level.

    Gear Used:...

  • Beginner Bridge: Class 2

    Episode 12

    Sign up for our mailing list and get a FREE holiday survival guide - The only guide that will keep you from gaining an extra 15 lbs over the holidays!

    No equipment? No problem. This 20 minute bootcamp style class is made for people who are new to fitness and...