New Releases

  • BodyRock Baby
    7 videos

    BodyRock Baby

    7 videos

    We are excited to announce that we have a new SweatFlix series.

    Are you Pregnant & want to know if you can do HIIT with a baby in your belly?

    Yes & you're going to love this series!

  • Rep Challenge i 21 Day Challenge

    15 videos

    Join Lisa and Sean for a 15 day challenge that is all about reps! Instead of timing your moves, you count the reps, and when you have completed the 15 day challenge you will have done 1,250 reps and be stronger than you could ever have imagined!

  • Blast Belly Fat Challenge i 7 Day Challenge

    5 videos

    Join Lisa and Sean for a 5 day challenge and shed the fat from your mid-section!

  • Real Strength Challenge I 7 Day Challenge

    5 videos

    Join Lisa for a 5 Day Challenge focused on burning fat by building lean muscle!

    Level: Intermediate (with modifications for Beginners)

  • HIIT Royalty I 7 Day Challenge

    5 videos

    Join Lisa and Sean in the Royal Suite at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City! This 5 day challenge was shot in the opulent surroundings of the exclusive Queen's suite!

  • The Tabata Challenge

    15 videos

    Join Sean in this 21 Day Challenge as he pushes you each day with an intense tabata workout!

  • BodyRock Life
    5 videos

    BodyRock Life

    5 videos

    This is the behind the scenes of who we are and what life is like when you're healthy and able to follow your dreams.
    When you are eating right and working out, you'll feel confident and amazing in your own skin. Your life will change. You'll meet people and travel and have experiences that are...

  • Results
    15 videos


    15 videos

    21 days of intense, full-body workouts with Lisa & Sean, all tracked with the BodyMinder Workout and Exercise Journal to make sure you get RESULTS! Don't forget to get your own BodyMinder Journal by following this link:

  • Strong and Sexy Abs I 5 Day Challenge

    5 videos

    You will feel lean and tight in just 5 Days with Lisa-Marie's Strong & Sexy Abs: Five Day Challenge! Be prepared for that amazing toned feeling in your ab muscles every single day of the challenge. High Intensity Interval Training lets you burn fat up to 48 hours after a workout, so just imagine ...

  • 1000 Rep Challenge

    10 videos

    Don't let the numbers intimidate you, we're going to do this together! Each day we will build on what we did the day before. It will challenge and test your limits but it will also show you exactly what you are capable of if you put your mind to it. Remember, real change happens at the end of you...

  • BodyRock Spotlight

    10 videos

    5 Workouts, 5 Burnouts that target a certain area of the body. Loads of AB WORK. This is a wonderful series for anyone getting into shape for the first time, or getting back into high intensity interval training (HIIT) after an absence. Deanna, who was an avid BodyRocker we wished to spotlight wi...

  • SweatFlix Boost

    6 videos

    In this Series, we are going to BOOST you off that couch and into the best shape of your life! You need inspiration? You need motivation? We got it all right here. Every single video will show you a new set that will solve a different problem. From Belly Fat, to simply Burning Fat Fast, we got yo...