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Core - BodyRockX Live - Episode 79

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Live Sweat with CTW - Episode 1 - Legs & Abs

Live Workout Series – 16m

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  • Core - BodyRockX Live - Episode 79

  • HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm U...

    HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm Up & Leg Drop Set

    Need: heavy DBs, medium weight on bar, light plate
    Warmup will also use challenger bar and booty band (or light weight)

    Will move through heavy, medium, light

    1min work / 15sec rest

    Band wraps around top of challenger b...

  • Back, Biceps and Cardio - The Daily H...

    Each day, we are given 86,400 seconds. They are not renewable, they are not transferable. They belong to today and today alone. You cannot save them up for tomorrow. What you don't use is lost forever. This means you must live in the present, live for today -- for right now! Use this time to inve...