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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

The DailyHIIT Show | Season 5 - Week 3 - Day 5

Live Workout Series – 55s

Up Next in Live Workout Series

  • Cottage Special: Day 2 Part 1 - Back ...

    Day 2 Back & Shoulders

    Straight Leg DL Upright Row
    Core Back Rows Right
    Core Back Rows Left
    slightly bent knee DL Upright Row

    Straight Leg DL Left Row Right Middle
    Core Back Flys Right
    Core Back Flys Left
    Back Row Left Right Middle

    Military Press
    Military Press

  • HIITMax Reps - Live #16 - Chest and B...

    Chest and Body Weight

  • Cottage Special: Day 3 Part 1 - Chest

    Day 3 Chest

    Press Flys
    Decline Press Fly
    Plate Press
    Decline Press Fly
    Incline Press Flys
    Tricep Push Ups
    Plate Press
    Incline Tetor Toter
    Power PushUps
    Decline One Arm Press
    Flat Bench Core Chest
    One arm press with core

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