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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Live #108 - Abs & Obliques - Strength Week (5)

Live Workout Series – 43m

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  • HIITMAX Reps Live #47 - Full Body Str...

    HIITMAX Reps Live #47 - Functional Strength Workout & Abs

    Compete the following Reps


    Dumbbell Press
    Push Up
    Pull Ups / Bentover Row
    Sumo Squat to Press

    20 Reps - Abs

    Reverse Curl
    Russian Twists
    Toe Touches
    Bike Star Abs

    Finisher : ...

  • HIITMAX Reps Live #48 - Legs Legs Legs

    HIITMAX Reps Live #48 - Legs Legs Legs
    Compete 20 Rounds Of The Following ( unless stated otherwise ) & 1 Min Cardio In-between Each Set.

    1. Squats
    Heavy, Medium, Light - Light, Medium Heavy
    1. Lunges x 3 Sets
    2. Hamstring Deadlifts x 3 Sets

    Bonus :
    Leg Drives

    Enjoy Your Workout...

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    Science supports High Intensity Interval Training! From burning fat, to building muscle, to boosting your metabolism, HIIT training can help you carve out a lean, toned physique. So, if your goals include getting stronger and/or losing weight, HIIT can do that for you!