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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

DailyHiit Live #24 - Full Body Burn

Live Workout Series – 55m

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    A little effort is all it takes to see a BIG change! When you think about it, there is probably something you should be including in your diet but aren't. Do you need to drink more water? Are you getting enough protein? Are you skipping those healthy, leafy greens? Pick one thing that can improve...

  • HIITMax Reps #37 - Ass & Legs Workout

    HIITMAX Reps Live #37

    Booty Burner

    Set Your Timer To A Stop Watch

    Complete The Following Circuits

    20 Squat Jumps - ( 10lb Vest )
    5 Push Up Burpees - ( 10lb Vest )
    10 Swings - ( 10lb Vest & 20kg )
    10 Clean & Press, Squat & Press - ( 10lb Vest & 45lbs )
    10 In & Out Squats - (...

  • HIITMax Live #120 - Legs, Thighs & Abs

    HIITMax Live #120 - Legs, Thighs & Abs

    High knees
    kB swing then hold
    Db squats and drive up
    DB legs together squat down / lunge back
    L single arm press, lunge back same side
    Repeat R
    kB full swings
    kB sumo squat with upward row
    Wide stance KB pass under and behind knees
    kB S...