Lisa's Playlist #1 - Vest Up

Lisa's Playlist #1 - Vest Up

All you Need Is Your BodyRock Weighted Vest & A Small Area To Workout Out..Find More -

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Lisa's Playlist #1 - Vest Up
  • DailyHIIT Live #21 - Bodyweight Workout

    Body Weight Full Body

    Set Your Timers to 30 Seconds Work & 10 Second Rest.

    You Will complete the Following Moves.

    1/2 Burpee Tuck
    Side Jumps
    Double Squat & Half Burpee
    Walking Mountain Climbers
    Jump Forward & Back & 1/2 Burpee
    Donkey Kick Walkover
    Front Jump & Walk Back
    Side ...

  • HiitMax #21 | Vicious Delicious Body Weight

    This week, we make the leap to 50/10! Don't panic, you can handle it! All body weight! Are you ready?

    12 Minutes

    Full Body


  • HIITMax Live #38 - Body Weight Workout

    HIITMax Live #38

    Body Weight

    Set Your Timers To 50 Seconds Work & a 10 Seconds Rest

    Weighted Vest (10lb)

    Perform the following exercises:
    1. You Start On Burpees Plank Ab Tuck - ( Pick Level...

  • BodyRock Lean | Day 3 | Bodyweight Cardio

    Today Kelsey is coming fast and furious with a body weight cardio routine! No excuses! We want to see you sweat!

    12 Minutes



  • Extreme Sweat | Week 2 | Day 4 - BodyWeight

    Cardio day! Straight up, full body, aerobic cardio. If you aren't exhausted at the end of these 12 minutes, you're not pushing hard enough!

    12 Minutes

    Full Body


  • DailyHIIT Live #13 - Upper Body BodyWeight

    Upper Body BodyWeight

    50 / 10

    Starting With a Warm Up.

    1. Stretch
    2. In & Out Jumps
    3. Jacks
    4. Mountain Climbers


    1. Push Up & Donkey Kick *Insert a random man*
    2. Push Up Dokey Kick & Burpee
    3. Walks L&R & Donkey Kick
    4. Tuck Jumps
    5. Walks L&R & Donkey Kick

  • BodyRockX Live #65 - Legs

    Hump Day is all about the legs and booty! You can forget walking down stairs tomorrow because today, we're targeting those large, fat burning muscles in your lower half! It won't be easy but it WILL be worth it! Are you ready? Grab your vest and let's smash this!

  • BodyRockX Live #67 - Legs

    Time to show your legs a little love! Those beauties work each and every day to get you where you want to go, one step at a time. But you didn't start out knowing how to walk, you had to work towards it. Look at your fitness goals in the same light! Making small steps each day, whether it is fini...

  • BodyRockX Live #64 - Abs

    It's time to blast that core! A strong core not only helps create a toned, lean look, it can help correct posture problems, reduce back pain, improve balance, and increase your overall strength. To get the most from this workout, I'm using the weighted vest! The vest increases resistance which me...

  • BodyRockX Live #66 - Legs and Abs

    It's the start of another week and let's do it right! No matter what you got into over the weekend, now's your time to start again. You can't undo any unhealthy choices you may have made but you can make sure you start this week off on the right foot! Remember, you've started all of this to becom...

  • BodyRockX Live #62 - Arms and Abs

    Today Lisa is going to drive you to your max! It's going to hurt but it will be worth it!