Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Real Strength Challenge | Day 1 - Legs

Legs & Lower Body Workouts – 15m

Up Next in Legs & Lower Body Workouts

  • Daily Hiit Live #6 - Legs

    Warm UP

    Jack Touch Down
    High Knees arms L/R
    Lunge Plate Raise L Pulse Weight Above Head
    Lunge Plate Raise R Pulse Weight Above Head
    Plate Hamstring bent over squat with forward swing


    Plate Swing Switch Lunge Left Right
    Lunge Curl Press L
    Plate Switch Lunge Right Left

  • HIITMax Live #121 - Legs, Ass, Thighs...

    HIITMax Live #121 - Legs, Ass, Thighs & Resistance

    No weight sumo squat stance hold and pulse, arms up in v

    Bar on back, left curtsy behind then step out to side lunge, tap to middle in between each change
    Left curtsy lunge, stationary up and down
    Left curtsy lunge and tap to side


  • HIITMax Live #114 - Ass, Thighs & Leg...

    HIITMax Live #114 - Ass & Legs - Triple 10

    1. Clean & Press
    2. Lunge Switch - Left
    3. 2. Lunge Switch - Right
    4. One Leg Squat - Left
    5. One Leg Squat - Right
    6. Narrow Squat & Deadlift
    7. Elevated Lunge & Press - Left
    8. Elevated Lunge & Press - Right
    9. Jump Chair Squat
    10. Pu...