Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #150 - Resistance & Strength Full Leg & Ass Workout

Legs & Lower Body Workouts – 1h 20m

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  • HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm U...

    HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm Up & Leg Drop Set

    Need: heavy DBs, medium weight on bar, light plate
    Warmup will also use challenger bar and booty band (or light weight)

    Will move through heavy, medium, light

    1min work / 15sec rest

    Band wraps around top of challenger b...

  • HIITMAX Live #143 - Total Lower Body ...

    HIITMAX Live #143 - Total Lower Body Strength

    Squat To Lunge
    Bentover Deadlift To Curtsy
    Goblet Squat & Press
    Lunge & Kick Back
    Split Lunge ( Left )
    Split Lunge ( Right )

  • HIITMAX Live #141 - Low Squats & Resi...

    HIITMAX Live #141 - Low Squats & Resistance Thighs, Ass & Hamstrings

    Need booty band and regular band
    Plates for elevation, sliders, 5kg plates


    B.B. around ankles
    1. Low and slow squats, heels up
    2. Squat down, L legs slides out to side
    3. Repeat squats
    4. Repeat slide R ...