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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Live #70 - Legs

Legs & Lower Body Workouts – 54m

Up Next in Legs & Lower Body Workouts

  • Real Strength Challenge | Day 1 - Legs

    50 Seconds Work / 10 Seconds Rest Per Round
    6 Exercises Done Twice Through
    12 Minutes Total

    Squat + Press + Knee Lift
    Lunge + Punch Side
    Switch Lunge + Circle Drop
    Wide Squat + P...

  • Daily Hiit Live #6 - Legs

    Warm UP

    Jack Touch Down
    High Knees arms L/R
    Lunge Plate Raise L Pulse Weight Above Head
    Lunge Plate Raise R Pulse Weight Above Head
    Plate Hamstring bent over squat with forward swing


    Plate Swing Switch Lunge Left Right
    Lunge Curl Press L
    Plate Switch Lunge Right Left

  • BodyRock Bootcamp I Workout 12 Bonus ...

    Lisa's bringing LEG DEATH! Inner and outer thighs, are you ready? Grab a little bit of resistance if you have it and smash this one out!