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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

BodyRock Elevate | Day 58 | Glutes

Legs & Lower Body Workouts – 18s

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  • HIITMax Live #98 - Juicy Ass & Leg Death

    HIITMax Live #98 - Juicy Ass & Leg Death 
    50 Seconds
    10 Second Rest

    Equipment Used:
    Weighted Vest

    Workout Breakdown:
    Round One:
    Squats x3
    Squat Jumps x3 
    Iso Squat x3
    2 Min Plank

    Round Two:
    Lunge Left x3 
    Switch Lunge x3 
    Iso Lunge x3 
    2 Min Plank ...

  • Live Sweat with CTW - Episode 9 - Legs

    NEVER SKIP LEG DAY! Your legs contain some of the largest fat burning muscles in your body. With a strong lower half, you can boost your performance, torch fat, and burn some serious calories! Let's do this!

  • HIITMax Live #181 - LIIT - Legs

    HIITMax Live #181 - LIIT - Legs

    Using resistance & weight we work the legs and ass through slow reps & it Burns like a Mo-Fo !!

    "Low Intensity Interval Training" is becoming one of the latest way to train each muscle group to ensure you get a full extention and you really make each rep coun...