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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

BodyRock HiitMax | Workout 66 Bonus - Thighs

Legs & Lower Body Workouts – 10m

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    Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you do it with other people! At BodyRock, we are all just trying to be as healthy as we can. We want be the best versions of ourselves possible and we know we can't do that without each other or without all of you! That's what these live workouts are all ...

  • HIITMax Reps - Live #10 - Legs

    HIITMax Reps - Live #10

    Set Your Timers To A Stop Watch

    See how long it takes you to perform the following:

    Perform 50 Reps of each move

    50 Burpees ( 6lb Vest )
    25 Side Lunge & Front Raise - Left ( 6lb Vest & 10lb Weight )
    25 Side Lunge & Front Raise - Right ( 6lb Vest & 10lb Weight...

  • BodyRockX Live #67 - Legs

    Time to show your legs a little love! Those beauties work each and every day to get you where you want to go, one step at a time. But you didn't start out knowing how to walk, you had to work towards it. Look at your fitness goals in the same light! Making small steps each day, whether it is fini...