Intermediate Level

  • Intermediate Bootcamp

    30 videos

    All 4 Weeks of the Intermediate Bootcamp with Lisa and Edith! All of the videos in one place, and you can choose to stream or download them and keep them forever! Use the FREE IOS and Android apps to stream to your TV via Chromecast, Roku, or AppleTV! The best way to get the most out of your Boot...

  • The DailyHIIT Show

    4 seasons

    Join BodyRock Trainers Lisa, Jacqui, and Sean for these Beginner/Intermediate Level Workouts that you can do from your living room with minimal equipment. Includes motivational coffee talks and community interaction!

  • Accelerate
    25 videos


    25 videos

    Join Marina Santos for this 21 day challenge! With a focus on building muscle tone and cardio endurance, this series is perfect for those at the intermediate level! Including daily burnouts and suggested modifications, Accelerate is the logical next step on your fitness journey!

  • Tone and Torch
    25 videos

    Tone and Torch

    25 videos

    Join Instagram sensation @sugarysixpack in this brand new twenty-one day bootcamp exclusive to Sweatflix℠!

  • BodyRock Bootcamp | Melissa Bender

    10 videos

    IT'S BOOTCAMP TIME! Are you ready for ten days of intense workouts at the hands of the one and only Melissa Bender? Clear some space in your living room, your office, or wherever you may be. Let the sweating begin. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store:

  • Real Time 30 Day Challenge

    22 videos

    Are you ready for a 30 Day Challenge that is sure to rock you?! Look no further than than the RealTime Challenge. This challenge is 100% hand made by Lisa. No filming crew, no fancy camera moves - it's no frills and will absolutely annihilate body fat, while sculpting long, lean muscles and boost...

  • Results
    15 videos


    15 videos

    21 days of intense, full-body workouts with Lisa & Sean, all tracked with the BodyMinder Workout and Exercise Journal to make sure you get RESULTS! Don't forget to get your own BodyMinder Journal by following this link:

  • Hot Body Challenge

    20 videos

    This 21 Day HIIT Challenge is designed to tone and sculpt your sexiest regions. Your abs, booty and thighs will lean out and achieve a shapeliness you have never seen before! Level: Intermediate-Advanced.

  • BodyRock Spotlight

    10 videos

    5 Workouts, 5 Burnouts that target a certain area of the body. Loads of AB WORK. This is a wonderful series for anyone getting into shape for the first time, or getting back into high intensity interval training (HIIT) after an absence. Deanna, who was an avid BodyRocker we wished to spotlight wi...

  • 30 Day Fat Burn Challenge

    25 videos

    This is a 30 Day Challenge brought to you by four of our amazing trainers. Challenge yourself to keep on track, stay with the program, and make it all the way to the end. These video workouts are designed to put your metabolism into overdrive and burn the fat straight off your body, problem areas...

  • BodyRock Bootcamp | 21 Day Challenge

    22 videos

    Are you guys ready to be putting out maximum effort? The BodyRock Bootcamp | 21 Day Challenge is a hard 'HIITing' series that is sure to make you curse at your screen! What are you waiting for? Press 'Play'

  • The Tabata Challenge

    15 videos

    Join Sean in this 21 Day Challenge as he pushes you each day with an intense tabata workout!

  • HIIT Royalty
    5 videos

    HIIT Royalty

    5 videos

    Join Lisa and Sean in the Royal Suite at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City! This 5 day challenge was shot in the opulent surroundings of the exclusive Queen's suite!

  • The March Madness Challenge

    15 videos

    Get your FREE guide for the Challenge here:

  • Real Strength Challenge

    5 videos

    Join Lisa for a 5 Day Challenge focused on burning fat by building lean muscle!

    Level: Intermediate (with modifications for Beginners)

  • Strong and Sexy Abs 5 Day Challenge

    5 videos

    You will feel lean and tight in just 5 Days with Lisa-Marie's Strong & Sexy Abs: Five Day Challenge! Be prepared for that amazing toned feeling in your ab muscles every single day of the challenge. High Intensity Interval Training lets you burn fat up to 48 hours after a workout, so just imagine ...

  • Fry Fat Fast | 5 Day Challenge

    5 videos

    Throw away everything you know about workouts and start here. Tired of that extra body fat? We’ve got what you need. This five day challenge will leave you feeling confident, sexy and happy. Press play to get into the best shape of your life. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store:...

  • Killer Fat Burn Challenge

    7 videos

    Are you ready to obliterate your fat? Let's kick your metabolism into high gear with the Killer Fat Burn Challenge. Say goodbye to fat and hello to confidence. Join Lisa today as she leads this 7 video workout challenge. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store:

  • SweatFlix Boost

    6 videos

    In this Series, we are going to BOOST you off that couch and into the best shape of your life! You need inspiration? You need motivation? We got it all right here. Every single video will show you a new set that will solve a different problem. From Belly Fat, to simply Burning Fat Fast, we got yo...

  • Anytime Fitness Challenge

    5 videos

    Lead a busy life? Not a lot of time for a workout? Let Sean take you to a level of fitness that you never imagined possible. The best part? You will be able to complete these workouts any time of day. There are no excuses for this fun, tiring, and self-satisfying workout challenge. Are you ready ...

  • Catching Fire | 30 Day Challenge

    23 videos

    30 Days of Intermediate Level High Intensity Interval Training with 3 awesome trainers. Melissa and Rita will torch you with their strength and cardio moves, and just for a bit of a twist, Teshia will stretch you out and align you with a few days of yoga!

  • HiitCore
    5 videos


    5 videos

    If you've always dreamed of having a six pack or just want to sculpt and strengthen your core, HiitCore is for you! Made up of 5 different workouts, HiitCore attacks your abs from all angles, helping you achieve the toned, lean look you're after!