Maximum reps and maximum effort produce maximum results. With 13 workouts and 4 different trainers, HiitReps pushes you past the edges of your comfort zone to the place where real change can happen. Grab your gear and trust yourself. You're up for this challenge!

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  • HiitReps #1 - Full Body

    Lisa is bringing you 8 exciting, but challenging, exercises in this working. Go 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest with as many reps as possible! Do the entire thing 3 times through! Are you ready?

  • HiitReps #2 | Butt And Gut Workout

    If you'd like to lose your tummy and tighten your tush, this is a great place to start! Lisa's got a good one for you! Go as hard as you can! You can do it!

  • HiitReps #3 - Burpee Challenger Full Body

    Burpees, burpees, and more burpees today! We know what you're thinking but trust us, it's worth it!

  • HiitReps #4 - Full Body

    Today will leave you burning! It's time to start pushing those limits! Let's do it together!

  • HiitReps #5 | Day Light

    It's your favorite day: LEG DAY! You've got 10 reps of each move! Let's get started!

  • HiitReps #6 - Challenger Full Body

    Sean's workout is sure to make you sweat! He's got a little but of everything for you today! Can you beat his numbers?

  • HiitReps #7 | Hot Touch

    Your shoulders will be screaming after today's workout! Grab your sandbag or some weight and get ready to feel the burn!

  • HiitReps #8 - Full Body

    Forget taking the stairs tomorrow, this workout will make your legs feel like jelly! It's hurts so good, doesn't it?

  • HiitReps #9 | Sweat and Get Lean

    Time to add a little weight to the mix. Today's workout will get your heart rate up and work your core by challenging your balance! 3 rounds, you can do it!

  • HiitReps #10 | Lift And Tone

    Focus on your form today and keep your core engaged for maximum results! You'll feel this one all over!

  • HiitReps #11 - Full Body

    8 exercises and 30 seconds of work! It's going to be intense but you can handle it! 3 rounds -- you go this!

  • HiitReps #12 - Full Body

    Lisa's got 11 exercises for you today. Don't worry so much about your time, just get these moves done as fast as you can wit good form. You can do it!

  • HiitReps #13 - Full Body

    You've got Sean AND Lisa today to round out this series. You know the drill. Go hard and leave nothing in the tank!