14 Seasons

Join Lisa in the one and only HiitMax workout series. Experience the joy of real-time exercise with a workout partner who will keep you pumped up until the final beep! This fourteen week program is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store: http://shop.bodyrock.tv/

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  • HiitMax #26 | We Make It Bounce Workout

    Episode 1

    It's Week 6! Today you can choose between a strength and a cardio component. Burpee Lunge or a Clean and Press. Which will you choose?

  • HiitMax #27 | Wiggle Workout

    Episode 2

    Get ready! Lisa is going to push you harder than you've ever been pushed before! Choice of cardio and strength again today. Wide Squat Jump & Punch or Squat & Punch?

  • HiitMax #28 | Habits Workout

    Episode 3

    Lisa's got a killer full body workout lined up for today! Go hard and smash it out!

  • HiitMax #28 | Bonus Workout

    Episode 4

    Finish things off strong with some weights! Be sure to keep your form! Go low weight, high reps today!

  • HiitMax #29 | Don't Tell Em Workout

    Episode 5

    Focus on those large fat burning leg muscles today! Your legs can take a lot! Go hard until the last beep!

  • HiitMax #30 | 0 to 100 Workout

    Episode 6

    Lisa's got a good one to end the week! Will you do High Knees, Skipping, or Lunge & Chest Press?

  • BodyRock HiitMax - Laying Stretch

    Episode 6

    If you've just finished a workout on the floor or you have a tight back, this is the stretching routine for you!

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  • BodyRock HiitMax - Standing Stretch

    Episode 6

    Are you ready to stretch things out? Take care of those muscles with this standing stretch routine!