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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Live #137 - 5 Round Couplet - Full Body Cardio & Strength - Part One

HIITMAX Live With Lisa • 1h 7m

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    HIITMax Live #136 - Resistance Legs, Back & Shoulder Strength & Cardio Blast

    Bands, chair, heavy weight, medium and 2x light weights
    Skipping rope and challenger bars

    Warmup - resistance bands
    Band around ankles and above thighs
    Sit just off chair, weight in hands, knees at 90’, feet ...

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    HIITMax Live #135 - Strength & Cardio Total Abs

    kB swings
    Mountain climbers with sliders
    Elbow plank / high plank with alt knee drives out to side
    L side V abs, legs ext, elbow to knee
    Repeat R
    Reverse curl pulse up, legs down to 90’, crunch to touch ankles
    Reverse hold,...

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    HIITMax Live #134 - Legs, Thigh & Cardio Strength

    Intervals: Skipping / strength - straight squats

    Weight at chest, wide stance, turn toes out - Squat, turn toes forward - squat
    Weight on L shoulder, step out into L side squat
    Repeat R
    Straight hip distance...