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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Live #346 - Back, Full Body Strength, Resistance & Conditioning

HIITMAX Live With Lisa • 1h 16m

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  • HIITMax Live #345 - All The Things

    HIITMax Live #345 - All The Things

    Workout Starts After A Coffee Talk at 13 Minutes

    130 / 10

    Skipping / Cardio
    Skipping / Cardio
    Skipping / Cardio
    Push Up Bear Row
    Comp Burpees
    Laying Chest Press
    Laying Chest Fly - Left
    Laying Chest Fly - Right
    Squat Side Jumps
    Pike Ab Lat P...

  • HIITMax Live #344 - Legs, Ass & Resis...

    HIITMax Live #344 - Legs, Ass & Resistance

    We haven't done a heavy leg day for a while -

    Bar Weight 30lbs aside

    Workout Starts 8 Mins In.

    Happy Birthday Maria !! ( I odviously said Dee - I don't know why I did that lol .. )

    2 Min Rounds

    Resistance Squats
    Resistance Lunges

    Heavy Squa...

  • HIITMax Live #343 - BodyWeight & Abs

    HIITMax Live #343 - BodyWeight & Abs

    Hay Guys this workout has been requested to you all by Jo so blame her. I LOVED it… its challenging but really fun.

    Workout starts in 7 Mins.

    50/10 x 5 Rounds

    Push up Burpee Ski Jumps
    Long Jump Burpee Tuck Runs
    Burpee Lunge
    Wide Squat & Burpee Jump ...