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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #260 - Full Body Add It On & Abs Finisher

HIITMAX Live With Lisa • 1h 7m

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    HIITMAX Live #223 - 13 Minute - Tricep Bonus

    Tricep Push Ups
    Overhead Triceps
    Tricep Push Ups
    Kick Backs - Left
    Kick Backs - Right
    Resistance Over Head Press
    Resistance Over Head Press - Left
    Resistance Over Head Press - Right
    Tricep Dips
    Tricep Push Ups
    Body Dips - Left

  • HIITMAX Live #212 - Friday Full Body ...

    HIITMAX Live #212 - Friday Full Body Strength Finisher

    Dumbbell Squat
    Step Ups - L&R
    Chair Squat & Calf Raise
    Side Lunge - L&R
    Hamstring Deadlift & Side Front Lunge L & R
    Seated Tricep Overhead Dips
    Dumbell Row - L&at
    Chest Press

    Finisher -
    Triceps again
    Row again - L&R

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    HIITMAX Live #211 - Real Time Challenge Cardio Strength

    Skipping intervals β€” start with skipping β€” 50/10

    1. KB swings
    2. Bar - clean&press, squat&press
    3. Bar above head, lunge back, press bar down and up, step to centre, lunge back with other foot and repeat (opt: keep bar on back and...