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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardio Strength

HIITMAX Live With Lisa – 54m

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  • HIITMAX Live #146 - Core & Obliques

    HIITMAX Live #146 - Core & Obliques

    Need: KB, Bal Trainer, Vest: 5kg plate, Mat


    1. Reverse Plank: Lay on mat, hands under butt, shoulders lifted back stays on mat, legs lifted off mat - hold
    2. Ext Crunch: Same position but hands ext out to side, lift legs and crunch body up, rel...

  • HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm U...

    HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm Up & Leg Drop Set

    Need: heavy DBs, medium weight on bar, light plate
    Warmup will also use challenger bar and booty band (or light weight)

    Will move through heavy, medium, light

    1min work / 15sec rest

    Band wraps around top of challenger b...

  • HIITMAX Live #144 - Full Body Strengt...

    HIITMAX Live #144 - Full Body Strength Compound Workout

    One min work 15 sec rest

    1. Warmup round
    2. kB swings
    3. L lunge with L single arm KB clean and press bringing weight down and then up from inside of front leg
    4. kB swings
    5. Repeat lunge and press on right side
    6. kB swing...