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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #141 - Low Squats & Resistance Thighs, Ass & Hamstrings

HIITMAX Live With Lisa • 1h 2m

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    HIITMax Live #140 - Burpee & Abs Cardio Calorie Shred

    Skipping / bosu jump overs intervals


    Warmup stretch squat down open up to each side
    hip flexor stretches then stand tall with legs wide reach over to each side and stretch

    Pike plank with donkey kick alternating kick throug...

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    HIITMax Live #139 - Ass & Thigh Resistance Band Workout

    Band around ankles and above knees
    Weight on hips

    L donkey kick
    Down onto elbows
    L donkey pulse
    Wide knees pointing out, feet together kneeling sitting bum on feet, squeeze up and down
    Bear crawl holding up k...

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    HIITMax Live #138 - 5 Round Couplet - Full Body Cardio & Strength - Part Two

    Each pair 5 times through


    Single arm kB clean and step up, alternating sides, step up and down leading both times with clean side

    Squat down with ball at chest, come up and throw ball into ...