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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #149 - Full Body Combat & Bonus Combat Abs

HIITMAX Live With Lisa – 1h 20m

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  • HIITMAX Live #148 - Full Body Couplet

    HIITMAX Live #148 - Full Body Couplet

    50/10 each pair 3 times through

    1. Competition burpee with switch jump
    2. kB swings

    1. Wide squat down, drop dB down and lift
    2. Lunge back with hands holding weight above head, press, step in

    1. Plank, knee drive in, jump in and stand
    2. S...

  • HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardi...

    HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardio Strength

    Board for cardio moves
    Medium weight on bar
    One med to heavy dumbbell
    2x light weights / plates

    50sec work / 10sec rest

    1. Standing Box jump overs
    2. Sit on box, front shoulder press up and down with bar, stand and repeat pr...

  • HIITMAX Live #146 - Core & Obliques

    HIITMAX Live #146 - Core & Obliques

    Need: KB, Bal Trainer, Vest: 5kg plate, Mat


    1. Reverse Plank: Lay on mat, hands under butt, shoulders lifted back stays on mat, legs lifted off mat - hold
    2. Ext Crunch: Same position but hands ext out to side, lift legs and crunch body up, rel...