Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #148 - Full Body Couplet

HIITMAX Live With Lisa – 59m

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  • HIITMax Live #93 - Full Body Shred

    HIITMax Live #90 - Full Body Cool Moves

    Set Your Interval Timers To 50 Seconds Work & 10 Seconds Rest

    1. You Start on Jumping Jacks or Skipping
    2. Burpee Tuck Jump Over
    3. Single Leg Hamstring Deadlift - Left
    4. Single Leg Hamstring Deadlift - Right
    5. Plank Tucks
    6. Overhead Bulga...

  • HIITMAX Reps Live #42 - Legs

    HIITMAX Reps Live #42


    Compete 50 Rounds Of The Following ( unless stated otherwise )

    Band Squats
    Weighted Goblet Squats
    Band Side Steps
    Weighted One Leg Leg Drives - Left
    Band Side Out - Left
    Weighted One Leg Leg Drives - Right
    Band Side Out - Right
    Weighted Sit squats

  • HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardi...

    HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardio Strength

    Board for cardio moves
    Medium weight on bar
    One med to heavy dumbbell
    2x light weights / plates

    50sec work / 10sec rest

    1. Standing Box jump overs
    2. Sit on box, front shoulder press up and down with bar, stand and repeat pr...