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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #148 - Full Body Couplet

HIITMAX Live With Lisa – 59m

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  • HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardi...

    HIITMAX Live #147 - Shoulders & Cardio Strength

    Board for cardio moves
    Medium weight on bar
    One med to heavy dumbbell
    2x light weights / plates

    50sec work / 10sec rest

    1. Standing Box jump overs
    2. Sit on box, front shoulder press up and down with bar, stand and repeat pr...

  • HIITMAX Live #146 - Core & Obliques

    HIITMAX Live #146 - Core & Obliques

    Need: KB, Bal Trainer, Vest: 5kg plate, Mat


    1. Reverse Plank: Lay on mat, hands under butt, shoulders lifted back stays on mat, legs lifted off mat - hold
    2. Ext Crunch: Same position but hands ext out to side, lift legs and crunch body up, rel...

  • HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm U...

    HIITMAX Live #145 - Resistance Warm Up & Leg Drop Set

    Need: heavy DBs, medium weight on bar, light plate
    Warmup will also use challenger bar and booty band (or light weight)

    Will move through heavy, medium, light

    1min work / 15sec rest

    Band wraps around top of challenger b...