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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMAX Live #180 - LIIT - Chest

HIITMAX Live With Lisa • 42m

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  • HIITMAX Live #179 - Full Body 2 Min S...

    HIITMAX Live #179 - Full Body 2 Min Sweat

    2min work 15sec rest

    Need: low challenger bar/box/bench, 2x heavy hand weights, kettle bell, booty band

    Booty band around ankles

    1. 2x switch leg jumps, jump out into squat hold - repeat 4x then increase to 10x switch jumps into squ...

  • HIITMAX Live #178 - Back Strength Cou...

    HIITMAX Live #178 - Back Strength Couplet

    Pull ups

    Resistance Row
    Resistance Bent Over Fly

    Resistance Face Pulls
    Resistance Y Flys

    Pull Ups
    Row - Left
    Row - Right

    Resistance Back Y Reaches
    3 Point Bent Over Raises


    Add Cardio or Die a Little l...

  • HIITMAX Live #177 - Chest Strength Co...

    HIITMAX Live #177 - Chest Strength Couplet

    Chest Press
    Resistance Flys

    Narrow Chest Press
    Narrow Resistance Press

    Resistance Front Raise
    Resistance Chest Fly Pulls

    Add Vest

    Elevated Push Up & Knee Under
    Slider Front & Side Push Up

    Front & Side Raise
    Deep Push Up &...