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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Reps Live #62 - Pyramid Total Full Body

Full Body Workouts – 59m

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  • HIITMax Live #132 - Full Body Strengt...

    HIITMax Live #132 - Full Body Strength & Cardio

    Skipping between round

    Alternating single arm clean press / squat press
    Walk out, 2x spider pushups, hands walk back up, jump

    Repeat single arm clean and press move
    10 mtn climbers, tricep push-up, back to downward, plank, repeat


  • HIITMax Live #129 - 2 Min Strength & ...

    HIITMax Live #129 - 2 Min Full Body Strength & Conditioning

    2min work 20sec rest

    Side to side curtsy lunge hops, plate swings down to outside of front leg
    Side to side single arm kettle bell swings
    Walk out to high plank, push up, walk back to downward dog, roll
    Up and repeat

  • HIITMax Live #126 - Full Body Cardio ...

    HIITMax Live #126 - Full Body Skipping & Strength


    Skipping between each round where there is line break

    Elevated legs, push-up hold at bottom, up, knee in hold, ext back repeat, alt legs

    Elev leg push-up with alt shoulder taps

    Elev leg push-up with alt knee touches