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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

HIITMax Live #129 - 2 Min Strength & Conditioning

Full Body Workouts – 56m

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    HIITMax Live #126 - Full Body Skipping & Strength


    Skipping between each round where there is line break

    Elevated legs, push-up hold at bottom, up, knee in hold, ext back repeat, alt legs

    Elev leg push-up with alt shoulder taps

    Elev leg push-up with alt knee touches


  • HIITMax Live #125 - Strength - Lisa &...

    HIITMax Live #125 - Full Body Strength

    High plank, push up, knee in, back to downward dog, back to high plank, push up, other knee in, repeat

    Competition burpee with a jump

    Sumo KB squat down, squeeze up

    Sumo kB squat hold with pulse

    Sumo kB squat with swing

    Burpee push-up with...

  • HIITMax Live #117 - Triple Strength, ...

    HIITMax Live #117 - Triple Strength, Cardio & Sweat

    Squat and press with bar *3
    Slider mountain climbers*3
    Clean and squat with bar *3
    Slider knee to chest *3
    Bent over row with bar *3
    Slider arm out pushups *3
    Switch lunges with bar*3
    Slider back and side lunges and burpee*3