Fry Fat Fast - 5 Day Challenge

Fry Fat Fast - 5 Day Challenge

Throw away everything you know about workouts and start here. Tired of that extra body fat? We’ve got what you need. This five day challenge will leave you feeling confident, sexy and happy. Press play to get into the best shape of your life. All workout equipment available at the BodyRock Store:

Fry Fat Fast - 5 Day Challenge
  • Fry Fat Fast | Day 1

  • Fry Fat Fast | Day 2

  • Fry Fat Fast | Day 3

    Everyone wants chiseled abs and Lisa's got a workout that can help you get them! Don't be afraid to grab a little weight and take these moves to the max!

  • Fry Fat Fast | Day 4

    Arms and legs, today! This hiit workout will make you sweat! Grab some weight and meet Lisa in the living room!

  • Fry Fat Fast | Day 5

    Today we have another ab workout but we want you to try something a little different. Try to avoid making your movements in a linear motion. Instead, move your body in different ways! Step out of the box and challenge your body! Keep it guessing -- make it work!