Fit Test

Fit Test

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Fit Test
  • HIITMAX Live #175 - 20 Min Skipping Warm Up

    HIITMAX Live #175 - 20 Min Skipping Warm Up

    Various Skipping Moves To Warm Up The Body

  • Provocative Yoga | Flexibility Test

    This Flow Test is designed to help you figure out where you are with your flexibility and range of motion. Check back in at the end of this series to check your progress!

  • Fit Test | The DailyHIIT Show

  • HiitReps #3 | Fit Test

  • Intermediate Fit Test

  • March Madness | Week 1 | Day 1: Fit Test

    Join Sean as he runs you through the Fit Test!

  • Fit Test - Trailer

    Fit Test - Trailer

    Challenge Link -

    Get You Gear -

  • HiitBody #3 | Fit Test

    Today's fit test will help you track your progress! Set your timers for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Do as many reps as possible for each of these exercises and record your scores. Test again in 30 days to see your progress! Do Squat Jumps, Push Ups, Burpees, High Knees, Switch Lunges, Tuck Ju...

  • Intermediate Bootcamp Fit Test

    This is where you start, and this is where you finish! Perform this fit test before you get started with the bootcamp and record your scores. Come back to this test at the end, record your scores and be amazed by how far you have come! Grab a pen and some paper let's get this journey started!

  • HiitMax #51 | Fit Test

    Today we're doing a fit test so you can get a better idea where you are at in your fitness journey. You doing 50 second intervals, as many reps as possible and then recording your score. In 4 weeks, we're going to come back this test and see your progress!

  • Chris Tye Walker | BodyRock Bootcamp | Week 1

    Welcome to Week 1 of a killer series with Chris Tye Walker! This week, things get started off with a fitness test. Are you ready?