Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

DailyHIIT Live #8 Warm Up

DailyHIIT Live With Sean – 6m 43s

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  • DailyHIIT Live #7 Warm Up

    Warm Up

    In Out Sumo Squat
    Double Pulse Squat Lunge Back L/R
    Body Weight Squat
    Challenger Split Leg Stretch
    Flying Crane L
    Flying Crane R
    Quick Squat L R
    Lunge Pulse T Up R
    Lunge Pulse T Up L

    Get Your Gear:

  • DailyHIIT LIVE #7 WorkOut


    Sumo Squats
    Front Hold At Bottom Sumo Squats
    Cowboy Squats Left Arm Front
    Cowboy Squats Right Arm Front

    One Arm Clean Press
    One Arm Clean Press
    Dumbbell Swing
    Dumbbell Squat (legs together)

    Over head split lunges L
    Over head split lunges R
    Dumbbell Squat (legs together)

  • Daily Hiit Live #6 - Legs

    Warm UP

    Jack Touch Down
    High Knees arms L/R
    Lunge Plate Raise L Pulse Weight Above Head
    Lunge Plate Raise R Pulse Weight Above Head
    Plate Hamstring bent over squat with forward swing


    Plate Swing Switch Lunge Left Right
    Lunge Curl Press L
    Plate Switch Lunge Right Left

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