BR20 Season 2

BR20 Season 2

Tap into the energy, the power and the mega watt SMILE of Jessica Shaw—the trainer of our HIIT series, BR20 2!

If you're a beginner looking to get into the world of lifting for lean muscle mass, or if you're an intermediate or advanced fit junkie looking to really nail the fundamentals of lifting for an intense, targeted burn and an overall metabolic boost, then this is the class for you!⁠

New Episodes every Monday

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BR20 Season 2
  • BR20 2: Class 1 - Glutes & Hams 1

    Weighted Vest
    Sculpt Bar (15lbs each side)
    2 Dumbbells (1 moderate, 1 heavier)
    Balance Trainer
    Pink Thing

    Goodmornings (12 reps)
    Single Leg Hip Thrust (12 reps/side)
    Single Leg Deadlifts (6 reps/ side)
    Booty Pulse Ups (12 reps/side)

  • BR20 2: Class 2 - Quads 1

    Balance Trainer
    Step Riser

    4 Rounds
    Goblet Squats - 12 reps
    Back Lunges and Knee Ups - 12 reps
    Prisoner Squats - 12 reps
    Jumping Squats - 10 reps

  • BR20 2: Class 3 - Abs & Core

    Yoga Mat
    Stability Ball
    Sculpt Bar and Weights
    Heavier Weight and a lighter Weight

    Pulse Ups
    Dead Bugs
    Pot Stirrers
    Mountain Climbers