BodyRockX Live With Lisa

BodyRockX Live With Lisa

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BodyRockX Live With Lisa
  • BodyRockX Live - Stability Ball - Core Challenge

    BodyRockX - Balance Trainer - Ab Challenge -

  • Legs - BodyRockX Live - Episode 57

    A little effort is all it takes to see a BIG change! When you think about it, there is probably something you should be including in your diet but aren't. Do you need to drink more water? Are you getting enough protein? Are you skipping those healthy, leafy greens? Pick one thing that can improve...

  • Legs and Ass - BodyRockX Live - Episode 65

    Hump Day is all about the legs and booty! You can forget walking down stairs tomorrow because today, we're targeting those large, fat burning muscles in your lower half! It won't be easy but it WILL be worth it! Are you ready? Grab your vest and let's smash this!

  • Strength Challenge - BodyRockX Live - Episode 9

    Lisa's doing an 8x8 today! If you're looking for a strength workout, this is it! It will take you to the edge! Lift heavy and bring on beast mode!

  • Sunset Workout - BodyRockX Live - Episode 20

    Is there anything better than working out outside in the sunset? Yes, working out outside in the sunset with Lisa and Sean in Greece!

  • Core - BodyRockX Live - Episode 79

  • Arms - BodyRockX Live - Episode 13

    Toned arms are the key to a lean look! Lisa's got you covered with today's workout!

  • Lisa's Personal Workout - BodyRockX Live - Episode 23

    Today, Lisa is bringing you one of her own personal workouts! It's insane! But that's just how she rolls! Grab your vest and get ready!

  • Full Body - BodyRockX Live - Episode #90

    Inspire fitness in a loved one's life by giving the Gift of Fitness! You buy one vest and we send you a second for free plus special SweatFlix coupons! ---->

    The holiday season can be tough on diets. But the fact is, if you aren't staying on top of your diet, you are...

  • Spain Live Workout - BodyRockX Live - Episode 7

    Lisa's in Spain for today's workout! Feel the setting sun on your skin while you smash this intense 12 minute routine!

  • Legs - BodyRockX Live - Episode 32

    You ready to SMASH this Friday live workout with me?! Get your vest on and get ready to kick some butt because we are ending this week off proper with a solid leg workout!

  • Arms and Abs Bonus - BodyRockX Live - Episode 5

    Time to torch the arms and abs! Lisa's got a real killer workout for you today! Let's make those muscles burn!

  • Weighted Workout - BodyRockX Live - Episode 16

    Grab some weights today because Lisa is bringing you an amazing weighted workout! It's going to hurt so good!

  • Ab Bonus - BodyRockX Live - Episode 11

    Time for an ab bonus workout live from Spain! Get ready!

  • Legs - BodyRockX Live - Episode 77

    Getting fit is a journey. And like most journeys, it is best when you take a little time to enjoy the ride. Sometimes progress happens more slowly than we'd like or our bodies aren't changing as we'd hoped but in those moments of frustration, you need to take a step back and show yourself a littl...

  • Isometric and Strength Work! - BodyRockX Live - Episode 41

    Its another day and another work out! Are you ready to work alongside with me?! Here is another episode of BodyRockX Live! Make sure to throw on your vest to intensify each move we do! Today we're building strength and working isometrically! Let's go!

  • Lisa's Fav Workout - BodyRockX Live - Episode 37

    Join Lisa for her personal favorite workout! It's a new day, full of new challenges! Make the most of every exercise and push yourself through to the end!

  • Abs - BodyRockX Live - Episode 64

    It's time to blast that core! A strong core not only helps create a toned, lean look, it can help correct posture problems, reduce back pain, improve balance, and increase your overall strength. To get the most from this workout, I'm using the weighted vest! The vest increases resistance which me...

  • Arms and Abs - BodyRockX Live - Episode 73

    It's was a long night for many and if you find yourself in an exhausted, zombie-like state today, you're far from alone. While most people turn to caffeine, there are other ways you can boost your energy, boost your bliss, and feel human again! That's right, smashing a solid workout will having y...

  • Full Body - BodyRockX Live - Epsiode 88

    The Holidays are coming and this is the most difficult time of the year to stay on track with your fitness and your diet. Luckily, we've got your covered with our 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, coming on December 12th! Make sure you get signed up to access it --->


  • Full Body - BodyRockX Live - Episode 85

    Inspire fitness in a loved one's life by giving the Gift of Fitness! You buy one vest and we send you a second for free plus special SweatFlix coupons! ---->

    The vest is a game changer! The BodyRock Weighted Vest is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you ca...

  • Strength Full Body - BodyRockX Live - Episode 55

    Have you hit a plateau? I know it is frustrating to work so hard and not see results but don't give up! Getting your fitness routine back into gear is easier than you think! By adding resistance to your workout, you force your muscles to work harder, which boosts your metabolism. Sometimes, simpl...

  • Full Body Cardio - BodyRockX Live - Episode 71

    Love your body -- it's the only one you've got! Many people start their fitness journey because they hate the way they look. You cannot start your journey from a place of hatred and loathing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change the composition of your body but you need to view yourself ...

  • Upper Body & Cardio - BodyRockX Live - Episode 78

    The first step can be the hardest. Starting a fitness journey can be more than a little bit intimidating and not knowing where to start doesn't help! Whether you begin by addressing your diet, working out 3 times a week, or both, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter where you begin, as long as yo...