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Watch this video and more on Sweatflix

Up Next in BodyRock Spotlight - Deanna - 5 Day Challenge

  • Spotlight | Day 4

    It's time for some more leg work! If your legs don't feel wobbly at the end of this, you haven't gone hard enough! Don't be afraid to push your limits with this one! You can handle it!

  • Spotlight | Day 4: Burnout

    It's time for a BOOTY BURNOUT! 6 minutes, all focused on your behind! Push your limits today, you got this!

    1 minute per exercise, total of 6 minutes



  • Spotlight | Day 5

    Good news: you've made it to the end. Bad news: Deanna's saved the toughest workout for last! But don't fret, you can handle it! Push hard, go hard. What are you saving that effort for anyway?