BodyRock Mom Live

BodyRock Mom Live

Join Melissa Bender to get you back in shape after baby !!

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BodyRock Mom Live
  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 1

    Hey BodyRock Moms out there, do you want to be a strong and healthy Mama? Want to get in shape after giving birth? Melissa Bender (of Bender Fitness) is here to introduce BodyRock Mom!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 2

    We've got another awesome workout for all those post-natal Mamas who want to shed baby weight or just tone and tighten! You got this!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 3

    You can totally work out with your little one strapped right to your back! No Excuses!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 4

    Today, use your body weight to strengthen and tighten as you lose weight. Feel awesome all day long!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 5

    Having a baby is a wonderful challenge, and the recovery period can be as well! Enjoy the process!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 6

    Are you ready to get moves to tone that sexy butt and strengthen your core today? You will love the tight feel in you belly and thighs after today's workout.

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 7

    Today we have a full-body workout that is sure to leave you sweaty! Grab your vest and a dumbbell weight that you are comfortable with!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 8

    Today, Melissa is stepping up her game and bringing everything she's got to the workout. Show yourself some love and do the same!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 9

    Melissa's got an incredible ab workout for you today! Get ready to tone and tighten that core!

  • BodyRock Mom - Episode 10

    BodyRockin' Mamas, today is the FINAL workout in our BodyRock Mom series! Melissa Bender has been doing a great job, helping you tone up for 10 full weeks!